The be-ys group, created around almerys in 2017, a former subsidiary of France Telecom, develops the uses and value-added services of third-party health payers for the management of services, online contracting and the management of digital transactions. probative value. The experience acquired in the healthcare sector gives it a base of skills and know-how in the analysis of complex business processes (multi-actor, multi-sector, real-time, commitment management with probative value , sensitive data processing) that can be transposed to other sectors (banking, insurance, regulated professions, public and private sectors, etc.). The Be-Ys solution are Eidas certifed.
BLUE Digital Signature
Be-Ys: Timestamping

Record a computer date to represent a precise moment using an essential number

Be-YS: BLUE Stamp eIDAS server


Price From: 1080 €
Be-Ys: Blue eIDAS Signature

European electronic signature meeting the hightest worldwide standard

Price From: 137 €
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