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BlueCerts, is a European Digital Trusted Third Party, one of the SwissSign Registration Authority, undisputed leader in Europe as Swiss, supplier.

SwissSign has deployed million of digital certificates and the SwissID for citizens, major banks and insurance companies. We protect together any customer digital transaction throughout the world. BlueCerts offers TLS / SSL certificates, e-mails content protection and electronic signature thru a unique secured PKI management tools.

By becoming a BlueCerts Partner, you rely on a European Certification Authority benefiting from a proven technology. BlueCerts gives you the opportunity to become a recognized leader in this arena by proposing to join its partner program to support the digital transformation of your customers.

You are a web hosting company, a domain name registrar, a cloud player, a managed service provider, a reseller or an Information Technology integrator, or a VAR that includes digital identity management; The BlueCerts Partner Program is for you.

You will have access to our commercial and technical training, will benefit from a unique certification "made in Europe", marketing and sales tools accompanied by a dedicated support thanks to the support of our teams.

As a member of the BlueCerts Partner Program, you, will act as a BlueCerts Ambassador and will join our partner community to provide world class solution to your customers with proven European technologies and recognized business expertise.



Full range of certificate types to meet the needs of any customer

S / MIME Certificate

To secure the e-mail addresses of your client's organization. Sign and encrypt your e-mails, authentication, proof of your membership in your organization


Electronic signature, Time stamping

BlueCerts 'electronic signature solutions allow you to respond to all your clients' signature processes: personal signature on Email, TimeStamping, signature platform, signature E-idas


PKI Management

Our European PKI management solution allows you to have an optimized management for all types of certificates with the possibility to produce certificates on a private or public PKI, a unique offer in Europe

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